A 42m2 Mini House with a Swimming Pool

Mini House

Small house living is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design industry, and this 42m2 mini house with a swimming pool in Turkey is a prime example of how you don’t need a lot of space to live happily. The house is situated on a 120m2 plot of land and is designed for a couple’s holiday, with a living room and open kitchen on the ground floor and a bedroom on the mezzanine.

Despite its small size, this mini house is very well equipped and decorated. It has natural and vintage elements, such as the Smeg refrigerator with its soft lines. The interior is not suffocating, thanks to the high ceiling, a design feature which is often used for mini houses to make the most out of limited space, while offering an opportunity to install a bedroom in height. The terrazzo bathroom is also a standout feature, offering elegance with its unique design that one might not expect in such a tiny home.

The house also features a swimming pool, adding to its appeal. The outdoor space is very well designed, making the most of the limited space available. The pool is perfect for relaxing during the hot summer days, and the outdoor space doubles as a great spot for spending time with friends and family.

This mini house is a great example of how small space living can be stylish, comfortable, and practical. It shows that you do not need a large house to enjoy your life to the fullest, and a focus on functionality and smart design can make even the tiniest of homes feel spacious and comfortable.

Source: The Box House – Butik Evler Sapanca

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