ABK Group’s Remarkable Expansion: A Journey from Fiorano Modenese to Solignano Nuovo

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ABK Group’s Remarkable Expansion: A Journey from Fiorano Modenese to Solignano Nuovo

In the ever-evolving world of ceramics, few companies have made as significant an impact as ABK Group. With a staggering turnover of 233 million euros in 2022, this Italian powerhouse has been at the forefront of innovation and expansion in the industry. In this blog post, we will delve into ABK Group’s recent accomplishments, including the acquisition of the former Target Group, the development of a cutting-edge Technology Hub in Solignano Nuovo, and their commitment to sustainable production through the FullVein3D technology. Prepare to be amazed as we explore the exciting developments within the world of ceramics, all under the ABK Group umbrella.

ABK Group’s Strategic Expansion

ABK Group has always been a forward-thinking company, constantly seeking opportunities to expand its reach and portfolio. One such monumental move was the acquisition of the former Target Group in Fiorano Modenese. This strategic decision encompassed not only the acquisition of brands but also plants and buildings. Among the new additions are a prestigious office building and a sprawling 6,000 m2 factory. ABK Group’s ambition knows no bounds as they continue to redefine the industry’s landscape.

ABK Group in the Limelight: The Acquisition of 14 Ora Italiana and Fuoriformato

Within this acquisition lies the jewel in ABK Group’s crown – the inclusion of 14 Ora Italiana and Fuoriformato into their extensive portfolio. These brands cater to the high-end segment, embodying a design-centric ethos. They are renowned for their “made to order” productions, which bring artistic ceramics decoration to life on large slabs. This move reinforces ABK Group’s commitment to offering a diverse and innovative range of products to their discerning clientele.

Solignano Nuovo’s Technological Marvel

ABK Group doesn’t stop at acquisitions; they are also dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology within the ceramic industry. Their Solignano Nuovo (MO) plant stands as a testament to this commitment. This facility has undergone a remarkable transformation, now boasting the exclusive FullVein3D technology. This innovation sets a new standard for sustainability and efficiency in ceramic production, making it one of the most cutting-edge facilities in the sector.

FullVein3D: Revolutionizing Ceramic Production

The FullVein3D technology represents a significant investment of 20 million euros, a testament to ABK Group’s dedication to innovation and research. This cutting-edge technology enables the controlled digital mixing of various colored raw materials, resulting in through-vein slabs of exceptional quality. With this addition, ABK Group has significantly increased its production capacity, now reaching a staggering 13 million m2 per year.

A Visionary President – Roberto Fabbri

Behind ABK Group’s astounding success stands its visionary President, Roberto Fabbri. His leadership and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in steering the company towards its ambitious goals. Roberto Fabbri’s vision extends beyond financial success; it encompasses a desire to position ABK Group in the luxury segment of the ceramic sector.

A Luxurious Vision for the Future

ABK Group’s recent endeavors, from strategic acquisitions to cutting-edge technology, all revolve around a grand vision. The completion of the Technology Hub in Solignano Nuovo and the acquisition of the Target Group branch in Fiorano Modenese are crucial steps towards realizing this vision. These initiatives pave the way for a commercial representative office with dedicated exhibition spaces for all the Group’s brands. ABK Group’s repositioning in the luxury ceramic sector is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

In the world of ceramics, ABK Group shines as a beacon of innovation and expansion. Their recent acquisition of the Target Group branch in Fiorano Modenese and the development of the Solignano Nuovo Technology Hub mark significant milestones in their journey. With the exclusive FullVein3D technology, they have raised the bar for sustainability and production efficiency. President Roberto Fabbri’s visionary leadership has guided ABK Group towards a future filled with possibilities.

As we celebrate ABK Group’s remarkable achievements, we invite you to share your thoughts. What do you think of their strategic expansion and commitment to sustainability? How do you envision their future in the luxury ceramic sector? Join the conversation and leave your comments below.

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