All Around Concrete by Abitare La Ceramica

All Around 04

Abitare la Ceramica’s All Around collection captures even the most subtle vibrations of nature’s elements, creating a vast range of ceramics divided into three sources of aesthetic inspiration. The collection offers 13 genuine, cozy contemporary hues that can be mixed and matched to evoke intense material sensations. With a focus on naturalism and minimalism, All Around offers versatile decorations to personalize any space in the home, coordinating everything around a specific concept of style.

Abitare la Ceramica’s All Around collection offers a rarefied atmosphere, simple volumes, and graduated hues that create serene, welcoming spaces. According to the company, the collection reflects the attraction of handmade surfaces, capturing the sensations evoked by raw earth and concrete with neutral hues and accents of color in rich shades. All Around is available in an innovative surface finish for outdoor use that’s particularly soft to the touch with optimal non-slip properties even in the presence of water.

The outdoor finish is made possible by the application of exclusive nanograins. The surfaces look particularly regular and smooth, making them easy to clean while maintaining a slip resistance coefficient appropriate for outdoor use. Abitare la Ceramica offers a wide range of floors, with a specific finish for outdoor spaces in both the standard thickness coordinated with the indoor floors and in slabs with an extra-thickness of 20 mm.

All Around is a versatile collection that offers endless possibilities for personalization. Its three sources of inspiration from materials, between naturalism and minimalism, allow for a vast range of decorating options. By mixing and matching colors and ideas, homeowners can coordinate everything around a specific concept of style, creating a unique and personalized living space.

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