Arte Brotto – High-Quality Wood from Responsibly Managed Forests

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Sustainable development has become a top priority in the production of many consumer goods, including furniture and interior design. Arte Brotto, an Italian company that specializes in custom-made furniture and interior design, has always been committed to environmentally sustainable production, using only the highest quality wood from responsibly managed forests.

The wood used by Arte Brotto includes European walnut, American walnut, and oak, carefully selected and sourced from forests with a planned reforestation plan and carefully managed by specialized technicians. The wood is processed according to a rigorous process that includes several phases: from cutting and seasoning to steaming, drying, and preservation.

The wood seasoning process takes place outdoors, in a completely natural way, and can last up to two years. Then, the wood is transported to Arte Brotto’s headquarters in Italy, where the drying phase begins. This stage is necessary to ensure the wood’s stability and the appropriate coloration. Drying takes at least two years and is carried out in 42 drying rooms directly managed and controlled by the company’s specialized technicians.

After drying, the wood is ready to be stored in a warehouse, which is unique in the world in terms of the quality and quantity of the raw material. Arte Brotto has a warehouse of about 20,000 square meters of material divided by type of wood, which guarantees constant availability of high-quality wood.

The log selection is carried out with great care by highly qualified personnel to ensure the highest quality of wood used in furniture and interior design accessories.

In this way, Arte Brotto shows great concern for the environment and the protection of natural resources, offering its customers products of the highest quality, made from wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. The decision to use only the best wood is a guarantee of a long-lasting product with high aesthetic value, capable of satisfying the needs of those who seek authentic beauty and Italian excellence.

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