Atlas Concorde Doubles Presence at Milan Design Week 2023

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Milan Design Week is just around the corner, and Atlas Concorde is gearing up to showcase its innovative designs. The brand will be displaying its latest products in two spaces – the Salone del Mobile Milano and Atlas Concorde Studio Milano in Brera. The focus of the exhibit is to explore the brand’s various facets, including Atlas Concorde, Atlas Plan, and Atlas Concorde Habitat.

The highlight of the show is the “Fuoriscala” exhibit, which is all about expanding design compositions. This project aims to demonstrate the versatility of large slabs in redesigning spaces and elements of furniture. The exhibit is the result of a collaboration between Atlas Concorde and Piero Lissoni, a renowned Italian designer. The exhibit features unexpected elements that play with scale, where architectural forms transform into products and vice versa. The design exercise challenges traditional manufacturing rules, creating polyhedral-shaped tables that are larger than life.

The “Fuoriscala” exhibit offers visitors two distinct perspectives that can interact with each other, showcasing the full potential of large slabs. In the Salone del Mobile 2023, the large slabs are inspired by archetypical and primary architectural shapes that create multiple contexts for use, where the porcelain stoneware texture is the protagonist. Meanwhile, in the Atlas Concorde Studio Milano, “Fuoriscala” reverses the conventional concept of tables, creating two elements of abstract nature with large dimensions characterized by prismatic shapes. The installation showcases slabs, natural elements, transparency, geometries, and reflections, projecting the exhibit into a futuristic dimension.

Atlas Concorde has been working tirelessly to bring innovative and practical design solutions to its customers. The brand’s presence at Milan Design Week 2023 reflects its commitment to showcasing its latest designs and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Visitors to the exhibit can expect to be wowed by the brand’s cutting-edge products and get a glimpse of the future of interior design.

In conclusion, Atlas Concorde’s presence at Milan Design Week 2023 is an opportunity to showcase the brand’s innovative and practical design solutions. The “Fuoriscala” exhibit offers visitors a unique perspective on the potential of large slabs in redesigning spaces and furniture elements. The exhibit is a testament to Atlas Concorde’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. The public can visit Atlas Concorde at Salone del Mobile 2023 in Padiglione 14, Stand D27, and Atlas Concorde Studio Milano in Via San Marco 12, during the Milan Design Week from 5th to 10th April 2023.


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