Brix Brew Pub: Where Masculine and Feminine Meet in Perfect Harmony

Brix 11

Located in Collegno, Italy, Brix Brew Pub is a stunning example of a former metal polishing factory transformed into an elegant, yet sophisticated brew pub with an open kitchen concept. With the master brewer, Rebecca, at the helm, her brother Davide manages the kitchen, while Alessandro runs the bar. The design firm behind the project focused on creating a young, elegant, and sophisticated brew pub, where masculine and feminine elements could coexist.

The design concept of Brix Brew Pub is based on the use of contrasts, where the old meets the new, the masculine meets the feminine, and the natural meets the industrial. Delicate fabrics such as velvet are juxtaposed against iron structures, while spherical lamps reminiscent of the 1950s illuminate the entire space, and neutral, soft colors form the basis for a bespoke, vibrant interior.

One of the most striking features of Brix Brew Pub is the use of contrasting flooring and wall tiles. For the flooring, the design firm selected the Ghost collection by ABK in the Rope version, which creates a distressed plaster effect in warm shades of powder, as if the industry had been abandoned, with traces of time imprinted on the floor. To reinforce the duality of old and new, two versions of the Play Labirinth collection were used: Clay and Sage, which offer a modern interpretation of old cement tiles.

The Clay version of Play Labirinth covers the entrance hallway, stage, and tasting tables, while Play Labirinth Sage is the perfect base for a playful terrace where nature and industry merge seamlessly.

Brix Brew Pub is a stunning example of how old, abandoned spaces can be transformed into something new and beautiful. The use of contrasting elements creates a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine elements, making Brix Brew Pub an ideal location for a casual drink or a more formal dinner.

If you’re in the Collegno area, be sure to stop by Brix Brew Pub and see for yourself how old and new can coexist in perfect harmony. With its elegant and sophisticated design, you won’t be disappointed.


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