Cementine Paris by Ceramica Faetano in Archilovers’ Project of the Year

Cementine 05

Mohamed Keilani and Claudia Famiglietti, two talented architects, have turned heads with their latest project in Monza, which has been named Archilovers’ Project of the Year for 2022. The renovation, featuring the stunning Cementine Paris collection from Ceramica Faetano, was carried out in a large apartment building near the city center, resulting in a breathtaking space that is both modern and elegant.

Paris is a collection of small-format tiles that draws inspiration from traditional ceramics and can be used both as a floor and wall covering, making it the perfect distinctive element to accentuate the entire home. The building, called APT Monza, was built in the 1970s and 1980s and is distinguished by a shared window that provides natural light to all the apartments. However, the fragmentation of the space required a radical redesign of the living area to transform it into a proper open space. The new spaces created by Open01 Monza are now more livable and filled with natural light, which enhances their beauty.

The materials chosen for the project are fantastic and defining elements used to make the space cozy and welcoming. The golden hue of the anodized aluminum is the “fil rouge” of the entire project. The creators, Mohamed Keilani and Claudia Famiglietti, have deftly utilized metallic and natural materials to create a comfortable, sophisticated living area with an artistic and modern touch.

Mohamed Keilani is an architect and artist with expertise in artistic design and architecture, having grown up under the tutelage of his father, Salah Keilani, a renowned artist. His passion for art and culture is evident in every element of the design, as he seamlessly combines eastern and western sensibilities, reflecting both his Italian and Syrian heritage.

The living room is characterized by warm colors and a rich mixture of textures. The Aluminum finishes are combined with a lush forest green color, which provides a stunning contrast throughout the space. In the bedrooms and bathrooms, the Bercy Nero pattern of the Cementine Paris collection from Ceramica Faetano adds a unique touch of elegance to the space. The furniture ranges from David Lopez Quincoces’ Alamo table to Marcel Wanders’ Mad Chair for Poliform, Paolo Lissoni’s Ombra chair for Lema, and Artemide and Flos lamps.

What is especially impressive about this project is the meticulous attention to detail and the combination of various textures, colors, and materials to create a cohesive, modern design that is warm and inviting. The antique book collection featured in the space is a unique and striking addition, adding to the design’s overall beauty.

In short, the project is a testament to the creativity and expertise of architects like Keilani and Famiglietti and their ability to use a combination of natural and modern materials to create a high-end, sophisticated living area that boasts both tremendous artistic value and comfort. The Cementine Paris collection by Ceramica Faetano is the perfect addition, adding an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to the space.


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