Ceramica Flaminia – Innovative SACMI System for Water Recovery

Sacmi Water Flaminia

Ceramica Flaminia, an Italian sanitary product design company, has made significant progress in sustainable water consumption with its new SACMI treatment plant. This innovative system is designed to recover and treat wastewater, with the remarkable result of recycling 90% of the water used.

The process involves a two-step approach. Initially, wastewater is pretreated to achieve primary sedimentation. Then a membrane ultrafiltration system using cross-flow filtration is used. It is worth noting that this system does not require the typical chemical additives used in solid-liquid separation and decantation processes.

The benefits are twofold: first, more than 90% of the treated water from 5,000 cubic meters can be reused for various purposes in the production of sanitary products. Second, the solid sludge, previously considered waste, can now be directly reused in the production of ceramics, resulting in a comprehensive approach to recycling.

This innovation not only reduces water consumption, but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices in the ceramics industry. The SACMI system installed at Ceramica Flaminia is modular, allowing for future capacity expansion to meet the factory’s requirements through wastewater recovery and treatment.

In an era where environmental awareness is paramount, Ceramica Flaminia is a commendable example of sustainable water consumption and resource efficiency in its industry.

For more details, you can visit the Ceramica Flaminia website and SACMI’s official news regarding this project.

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