Coem’s Headquarters in Fiorano Gets a New Look with Ventilated Ceramic Façade

Ceramiche Coem 2022

Coem, a renowned ceramic tile manufacturing company, has recently completed a series of structural interventions to its headquarters in Fiorano, with the renovation of its external façade being the highlight of the project. The makeover, which was completed in 2022, involves the installation of Coem ceramic tiles to create a 100% ventilated façade that provides excellent insulation properties to the internal spaces.

The façade system, which involves the bonding of 6mm WIDEgres tiles and rock wool insulation, provides excellent resistance against temperature swings. The dark-toned cement-like graphic design of the tiles is remarkably durable and adds a unique aesthetic appeal to the building.

The use of large-format ceramic tiles is a trade that Coem excels in, and this project demonstrates the versatility of ceramics in façade design. The project’s lead architect, Luigi Romanelli, discussed the technical details of the project during an interview. He points out that this particular façade is not just for aesthetic purposes but also serves a functional purpose as insulation for the internal spaces.

The design concept of the project focuses on reinterpreting the use of large-format ceramics for façade applications while retaining the interior functionality of the building. According to Romanelli, the project demonstrates the recognition of congruencies within significant architectural sites in the near past and responds to them with an innovative redesign approach.

The façade’s installation involves the use of a structural system that involves the bonding of 6mm ceramic tiles onto a substructure, creating a chimney effect with rock wool insulation for the entire ventilated façade. This allows for the perfect sealing of the ceramic tiles, enabling it to withstand extreme temperature variations of up to -20C to +40C in the harshest of weather conditions.

The project’s design is a fusion of modern materials and technology, with the use of large-format ceramic tiles, 3D designs, and innovative installation techniques. The project showcases the versatility and flexibility of ceramics as a material in modern architectural designs.

In conclusion, Coem’s recent project to renovate the external façade of its headquarters in Fiorano serves as an excellent example of how ceramics can be creatively used to reimagine and revitalize old structures. The project’s innovative approach to design offers insights and inspiration to architects and interior designers looking to incorporate function and aesthetics while utilizing sustainable material solutions.

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