Convivium – The Heart of the Home

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Convivium is not just a kitchen, it’s a space where the ritual of being together is renewed every day. It’s a place where cooking turns into emotions, where we share meals and stories, and where we make memories. Arclinea’s Convivium kitchen is a perfect example of how a kitchen can be both functional and beautiful. Let’s dive deeper into what makes Convivium so special.

Convivium – The Ultimate Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and Convivium is the perfect representation of that. The design of Convivium is focused on creating a space where cooking, socializing, and living come together seamlessly. The compact island is a crucial element of the design, integrating cooking and preparation with the social space of the kitchen. The slim countertop, sink, and Convivium Elegant Vintage stainless steel doors make the island both practical and beautiful.

The steel doors are the result of Arclinea’s commitment to creating unique and original solutions. The vintage finish is achieved through manual processing, giving the steel a warm, inviting feel that complements the elegant and soft oak wood of the table, cabinets, and integrated drawers. The doors feature an integrated handle and are the perfect example of the exclusive manufacturing technology that Arclinea is known for.

Inside, the base of the island features a removable black drawer with a black front. On the center wall of the kitchen, there are containers with Convivium Elegant doors in Fenix NTM® walnut, providing storage space for small appliances. The MAC (Mini-Appliance-Container) is a functional piece of furniture that is 120 cm long and is designed to store and use small appliances. It features an oak wood NTF interior, integrated 3000K lighting, electrical sockets, a retractable tray, a steel frame, and Stopsol glass.

The drawers underneath the containers are made of oak wood NTF with integrated handles. The design of Convivium is both functional and visually appealing, and it’s clear that every aspect of the kitchen has been carefully thought out.

1) Refrigerator 2) Preparation area 3) Sink 4) Hob or burners 5) Oven 6) Garbage disposal 7) Dishwasher 8) Cabinets, bins, drawers

Convivium is more than just a kitchen. It’s a space that brings people together and fosters relationships. With its beautiful design and functional elements, it’s easy to see why Convivium is the heart of the home. Arclinea’s commitment to creating unique and original solutions is evident in every detail of Convivium. So if you’re looking for a kitchen that is both practical and beautiful, look no further than Convivium.

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