Eleni Karimali: The Power Of Colors, Materials, and Creativity in Store Design

Sarlis Rodi 01

Sarlis Jewellery has just been given a new lease on life thanks to the design touch of architect Eleni Karimali. Located just a few minutes’ walk from the Palace of the Grand Master, one of the most important examples of European medieval military architecture and a UNESCO world heritage site, this jewelry store has been completely renovated with a colorful and bright design method. For the new opening of this important store on the island of Rhodes, Architect Eleni Karimali has played with the latest interior design trends, daring to use a blue hue for the exterior walls and using marble effect materials for the interior walls, giving attention to every detail and preferring materials with the most advantageous technical characteristics.

Karimali, who was born in the United States, graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin before founding her studio in Rhodes in 2011. The talented architect oversees every phase of the design and construction process, and her portfolio includes projects in residential, retail, office, hospitality, and commercial sectors.

To renew Sarlis Jewellery, Karimali’s design studio chose to use porcelain stoneware flooring and coverings from the Boutique collection by Ceramica Del Conca. The chosen color is “Silver,” which blends perfectly with the furniture’s pink velvet and the illuminated details with pink fringes that are reflected on the large ceiling mirrors and significantly influence the colors perceived when entering the store. Boutique Silver is inspired by precious Turkish marble and has a gray background with tonal shades and ochre veins. More delicate than dark marbles and more dramatic than the classic white marble, this porcelain stoneware sheet is the perfect choice for covering spaces and providing ample room for creativity in interior design. The predominance of gray color in its various gradations makes it particularly suited for elegant and metropolitan environments, just like the atmosphere of a jewelry store.

The shine finish of these ceramic slabs is achieved thanks to the use of a dedicated enamel applied in a thick layer, creating a level of reflectivity and chromatic depth without equal. With Boutique, the designer can create continuity in spaces, obtaining uninterrupted surfaces from floor to ceiling and ultimately creating particularly emotional scenography.

The large Del Conca slabs, available in the oversize format of 120×260 cm, go beyond the limits of traditional ceramics, offering new possibilities of use, such as covering surfaces, furniture, and even tables, creating a total look that involves flooring, covering, and furnishing. The result of this is an incredibly cohesive and beautiful store that perfectly captures the essence of the island atmosphere.

Karimali’s choice and commitment to color, materials, and creativity can truly breathe life into any space and transform it into a stunning design project. The renovation of Sarlis Jewellery is a perfect example of how a skilled architect can give new energy and vitality to an existing space through design, craftsmanship, and a keen eye for detail. Overall, the impressive and innovative design of this jewelry store makes it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the latest interior design trends.


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