Embracing Industrial Heritage: A Contemporary Barn in Mikolow, Poland

Industrial House Archistudio Studniarek Plus Pilinkiewicz 09

In the picturesque city of Mikolow, Poland, a remarkable architectural gem has emerged, paying homage to the region’s industrial heritage while seamlessly blending modern design elements. The collaborative efforts of archistudio studniarek + pilinkiewicz, along with interior designer Janina Mruk-Maciągowska, have given rise to a contemporary barn that captures the essence of the surrounding landscape. With its industrial accents and innovative spatial composition, this dwelling stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.


Nestled within the rural landscape of Silesia, the house was originally envisioned as a modern barn. However, the architects, Barbara Ziemba and Aleksandra Stolecka, took a bold approach by drawing inspiration from the region’s industrial legacy. The result is a one-story, elongated structure that echoes the architectural style of Silesia’s factory buildings. The building’s double shed roof, clad in a striking red brick façade, creates a contemporary sculpture with a definitive industrial character.

Situated on a narrow plot along the access road, the house harmoniously blends with its surroundings. The eastward sloping terrain allows the building to delicately overhang in that area, adding a touch of drama to the overall composition. Comprised of two distinct parts, the dominant residential section encompasses a spacious, high-ceilinged living room, dining area, and mezzanine, along with bedrooms that ingeniously extend beyond the existing terrain. The second, smaller portion houses the garage, utility room, and a well-appointed kitchen, which seamlessly connects to a large covered terrace and an outdoor living room with its own kitchenette.

A distinguishing feature of the house is its façade, expertly crafted to embody the industrial motif. The southwest side showcases a striking external terrace that breaks the building’s structure by creating a recessed space with deep-set glazing. The outer walls, adorned with perforated clinker brick elements, further accentuate the façade’s allure. Notably, the southern recess, designed as an overhang and terrace, showcases a uniform brick texture that seamlessly integrates the outdoor and indoor spaces. On the contrary, the north and east façades exhibit a more understated appearance, initially appearing devoid of windows. However, careful observation reveals discreet brick perforations and a prominently placed entrance.

Both the exterior and interior design exude an unmistakable industrial elegance. The use of red brick and black panels, which conceal the garage door, imparts a sense of authenticity and solidity to the building’s exterior. Black aluminum windows elegantly punctuate the façade, harmonizing with the overall design language. Within the interiors, this industrial theme is meticulously maintained, with interior finishing elements and equipment adhering to the same character. The cohesive design language creates a sense of unity and continuity throughout the dwelling.

In the heart of Mikolow, archistudio studniarek + pilinkiewicz, along with Janina Mruk-Maciągowska, have crafted a contemporary barn that pays homage to the region’s industrial heritage. Through innovative design choices and a harmonious fusion of industrial and modern elements, the dwelling stands as a remarkable sculpture in its own right. With its captivating façade, seamless integration with the surrounding landscape, and impeccable interior design, this house is a testament to the enduring appeal of industrial-inspired architecture. It serves as a compelling example of how architectural vision and creativity can elevate a dwelling beyond its functional purpose, turning it into a work of art that enriches the fabric of its surroundings.

Photographs:Adam Miozga

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