VIMAR’s Linea: Innovative Electrical Devices that Combine Design with Technology

Linea Placca Interruttore Con Piattaforma

Linea by VIMAR is an innovative series of electrical devices that combines design and technology, creating a unique user experience. The new design is focused on achieving total alignment between the device and the wall, with a sleek and lightweight profile that fits perfectly on any surface. Linea has redesigned the way we think about energy, resulting in a distinctive product that is both essential and intuitive.

The Linea series is digital, thanks to its innovative XT platform, which offers a technological experience for the smart home. Today, more than ever, Linea connects living spaces to the small and large needs of everyday life, with its smart and home automation versions. The product is designed for everyone, everywhere.

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Linea’s design is unique and elegant, blending the simplicity of refined aesthetics with advanced technology. The innovative shape of the device’s command aligns perfectly with the wall, creating a slight bulge that makes it easy to operate.

Linea’s buttons are always perfectly aligned, thanks to the patented in-line technology that ensures the device returns to its original position once activated. The axial command has a perfectly flat surface, with a slim and delicate design that provides a wide command surface with a height increase of 53 mm, enabling the user to press any point of the surface. The movement is precise and quiet.

Thanks to its unprecedented ergonomics, Linea is slim and lightweight, perfect for any wall. The design is essential and contemporary, with a touch of natural refinement. It is available in neutral colors that are increasingly popular in homes, creating welcoming atmospheres that are easily adaptable to different styles.

The white color is bright and pure, evoking simple and open spaces. The hemp color has a warm and natural tone, while the black color is inspired by mineral materials, creating a strong character in any environment.

To enhance the identity of the hospitality structure, Linea’s plates can be engraved with a logo provided by the customer. Laser technology ensures the accuracy and sharpness of the symbols, which can be customized with personalized pictograms. The design is associated with the command with accuracy, providing a long-lasting result and an enhanced user experience. The buttons can also be customized in Silver, Clay, and Metal colors, creating a total look effect with the painted technopolymer plates.

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Linea provides various backlighting options for a refined and distinctive effect. The aligned, axial, and traditional tilting commands have a luminous mark to identify the function in the dark. For the aligned command, an additional button is available to create a vertical beam of light downwards, with a standard or softer LED lighting unit that creates a soft glow on the plate’s surface.

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The exclusive design of Linea’s commands, with a delicate curvature and minimal protrusion, creates an effect of absolute planarity. The aligned commands have a gentle protrusion and return to their original position once activated, thanks to the patented in-line technology. The tilting commands, with precise and reliable technology, are the right choice for those who prefer a traditional command solution.

In conclusion, VIMAR’s Linea series is a unique blend of design and technology, providing an unparalleled user experience. With its distinctive shapes, advanced technology, and customizable options, Linea is a versatile product suitable for everyone, everywhere.

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