Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna Announces New Electric Vehicle Plant in Maranello

Benedetto Vignia

Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, recently confirmed in an interview that the new plant dedicated to manufacturing 100% electric Ferraris will be operational by June 2024. The new facility will be located in the iconic automotive town of Maranello, Italy. However, Vigna emphasized that the plant will not solely produce electric supercars, as Ferrari aims to maintain flexibility in its production capabilities. He further expressed Ferrari’s commitment to enriching its model lineup through new technologies, expertise, and collaborations, rather than acquiring competing luxury car manufacturers.

Ferrari, the renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, is preparing for a transformative shift towards electric mobility. In a recent interview, Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari, shared exciting updates about the company’s plans to establish a new plant dedicated to manufacturing 100% electric Ferrari vehicles. The plant, set to be completed by June 2024, will be located in Maranello, the historic home of Ferrari.

However, Vigna clarified that the new facility will not be solely focused on producing electric supercars. Ferrari aims to maintain a certain level of flexibility in its manufacturing processes, indicating that the plant will be capable of accommodating different types of vehicles. This approach aligns with Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and adaptability, allowing them to explore diverse avenues in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

Vigna highlighted Ferrari’s strategic vision, emphasizing that the company’s goal is not to acquire rival supercar manufacturers but to enhance its model range through new technologies, capabilities, and collaborations. He stated, “We do not believe it is sensible for us to acquire another supercar manufacturer because we believe that maintaining the DNA of our company is crucial when it comes to luxury brands. It is important to work towards enriching our technological portfolio, and there are various ways to achieve this, whether through internal expertise or partnerships.”

Ferrari’s dedication to preserving its unique brand identity and legacy is evident in Vigna’s statement. The company understands the importance of maintaining its core values while embracing technological advancements. Vigna also emphasized the significance of motorsports for Ferrari, stating that racing has been, is, and will continue to be an integral part of the company’s DNA. Ferrari remains committed to investing in the world of racing, as it serves as a catalyst for technological advancements that can subsequently be transferred from the track to the road.

Ferrari’s CEO, Benedetto Vigna, has confirmed the company’s plans to establish a new plant for the production of 100% electric Ferrari vehicles in Maranello. This move signifies Ferrari’s commitment to embracing electric mobility while retaining its brand’s essence and adaptability. By focusing on enriching their technological portfolio and exploring collaborations, Ferrari aims to expand its model range and deliver cutting-edge vehicles that embody the spirit of luxury and performance. As Ferrari ventures into the electric era, its unwavering dedication to motorsports ensures a continued pursuit of excellence and technological innovation.

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