Fieldhouse Sports Hall: A New Community Hub for Sports and Recreation in South Tyrol

Fieldhouse 13

The Fieldhouse Sports Hall, designed by MoDusArchitects, is a new architectural marvel nestled in the small town of Laghetti, Italy. This innovative project serves as a testament to the importance of inclusive spaces for sports and recreation within local communities.

Project Background:
MoDusArchitects, a renowned architecture office, was appointed to demolish the old building housing changing rooms and sports association facilities in Laghetti. The goal was to create a new, energy-efficient building that reused the existing photovoltaic system. The resulting Fieldhouse project successfully integrates the sports facility into the picturesque South Tyrolean landscape.

Design and Location:
Situated at the foothills of Mount Corno, the Fieldhouse Sports Hall is designed to harmoniously blend with its surrounding environment. The building is strategically positioned between a five-a-side football pitch to the north, an existing football field to the west, and steeping terrain to the east. Its low-lying body transforms laterally along the site, serving as a viewing platform for sporting events and an outdoor venue for social occasions.

Materials and Construction:
The two-story structure, partially underground and above ground, is made of reinforced-exposed concrete cast in situ. Glazed apertures take cues from the geometries and slopes of the site, forming a uniform envelope punctuated by alternating trapezoidal pillars and sharp cuts at the openings. The building also incorporates lighting poles, creating an architectural element that delineates the outermost corner of the building and serves as a visual marker in the landscape.

Energy Efficiency:
The Fieldhouse Sports Hall is CasaClima A certified, thanks to a system that covers 50% of its energy consumption with renewable sources. The long, flat roof houses 52 photovoltaic modules, ensuring the building’s energy efficiency is maintained.

Facilities and Community Impact:
The Fieldhouse offers a variety of facilities, including changing rooms with showers and toilets, a caretaker’s apartment, offices, meeting and teaching rooms, a cafeteria area, and indoor and outdoor dining areas. Additionally, it houses the local division of the Tiroler Sch├╝tzen, a cultural association with a small indoor shooting range and storage area.

The project’s design reflects the architecture of local sports facilities and highlights their public character. By generating an inclusive space for sports-centered services and recreational activities, the Fieldhouse Sports Hall elevates the functional nature of the sports field and provides a valuable resource for the entire local community to enjoy.

The Fieldhouse Sports Hall by MoDusArchitects is a testament to the importance of creating inclusive and functional spaces for sports and recreation within local communities. Its innovative design, energy efficiency, and integration into the South Tyrolean landscape make it a stunning architectural achievement and a valuable asset to the town of Laghetti.

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