ICONE Voices of Design Made in Italy – A Glimpse into the Artistic World of Bisazza

by | Aug 15, 2023 | News

ICONE Voices of Design Made in Italy – A Glimpse into the Artistic World of Bisazza

Bisazza, a renowned name in the world of design, is set to mark its presence at the “ICONE Voices of Design Made in Italy” exhibition. Scheduled to be unveiled on 20 September 2023 at the M7 Museum in Doha, this exhibition promises to be a visual treat for design enthusiasts.

Bisazza’s Artistic Legacy

Bisazza’s collaboration with Alessandro Mendini, their art director from 1994 to 1999, is a testament to their commitment to artistic excellence. On display at the M7 Museum is “Borsa (Bag)”, a part of the “Mobili Per Uomo (Furniture for Man)” collection designed by Mendini for FONDAZIONE BISAZZA. This artwork stands out with its nine cabinets adorned with over-sized sculptures. What makes it even more captivating is the intricate detailing with 24K yellow gold tiles, hand-cut and laid, showcasing the artistic potential of mosaic.

The Evolution of Mobili Per Uomo

The “Mobili Per Uomo” collection began with artworks like Giacca (Jacket), Shoe (Scarpa), Glove (Guanto), and Testa (Head) in 1997. These pieces, according to Mendini, are symbolic representations of essential items in a man’s wardrobe. Over the years, the collection expanded, introducing pieces like Lampada (Lamp), Tazza (Cup), Stella (Star), Cappello (Hat), and the aforementioned Borsa (Bag).

A Curated Experience

The exhibition, curated by Rossana Orlandi, a globally recognized design expert, is a collaborative effort with the Italian Embassy in Qatar and Qatar Museums. It offers an interactive, emotional, and immersive journey, letting visitors explore iconic designs from prominent Italian companies. The entire setup, enhanced with cutting-edge lighting, digital, and sound technologies, is the brainchild of architect Lucio Micheletti of Studio Micheletti+Partners.

Bisazza’s participation in the ICONE Voices of Design Made in Italy exhibition is a testament to their dedication to promoting the essence of Italian design on a global platform.


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