Innovative Architectural Design for Diatech Pharmacogenetics Laboratories in Iesi, Italy

Diatech 05

Discover the cutting-edge design of the new laboratories for Diatech Pharmacogenetics, an Italian company specializing in cancer precision medicine, created by Andrea Tabocchini Architecture.

The field of pharmacogenetics has been making significant strides in recent years, particularly in the area of cancer precision medicine. Diatech Pharmacogenetics, an Italian company specializing in this field, has recently unveiled their new laboratory spaces in Iesi, Italy. Designed by Andrea Tabocchini Architecture, these laboratories exemplify the perfect fusion of functionality, creativity, and identity, offering a stimulating work environment for researchers.

Key Features of the Architectural Design:
The 1200 m² project, completed in 2022, was executed within the ground floor of an existing industrial building. The design retains the original building’s characteristics, such as the prefabricated floor, concrete columns, and glazed facade, while reorganizing the main functions into two distinct areas: the functional warehouse in the north and the flexible research space in the south.

Central to the design is the creation of new glazed laboratories, comprising three crystal volumes positioned on a solid podium. This innovative design choice elevates the laboratories both physically and symbolically, transforming a typically hidden space into the heart of the environment. A reflective aluminum surface serves as a backdrop, adding a touch of elegance and discreet scenography to the space.

The L-shaped area in front of the laboratories features colorful furniture, creating a flexible and informal working environment that fosters creativity, knowledge-sharing, and interaction among researchers. The choice of materials for the claddings changes consistently throughout the space, with reflective aluminum panels transitioning into expanded metal sheets. This adds a perceptive nuance that blends the formal laboratory space seamlessly with the more informal working environment.

In keeping with the theme of precision, the architectural elements are designed and placed according to a modular grid. The lighting elements are also arranged in alignment with this grid, contributing to an atmosphere that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The new laboratories for Diatech Pharmacogenetics, designed by Andrea Tabocchini Architecture, showcase a modern and innovative approach to workspace design. The result is a poetic, technological, atmospheric, luminous, refined, industrial, functional, and representative environment that adapts to the evolving needs of society and scientific research. These cutting-edge facilities are sure to inspire the next generation of breakthroughs in cancer precision medicine.

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