Introducing OVER FINCIBEC: Redefining Creativity with Large Format Ceramic Surfaces

Overfincibec 05

OVER is a new name in the Italian ceramic landscape, born with the aim of promoting the use of large slabs in various applications, backed by the quality assurance provided by Fincibec’s research and development for over 60 years. With OVER FINCIBEC, the possibilities for creativity expand, offering impressive sizes and a range of tactile inspirations and color suggestions that align with the needs of contemporary architecture and design.

The OVER FINCIBEC range comprises two impressive formats: 160×320 cm (rectified) and 162×324 cm (non-rectified). These formats cater to different material inspirations and chromatic suggestions, meeting the demands of today’s architecture and design industry.

The technological and functional features of the OVER FINCIBEC slabs open new perspectives for ceramic surfaces, moving beyond the traditional limitations of tile applications. The passion for research and the commitment to offering cutting-edge products are at the core of the OVER project, specializing in the design and production of large-format ceramic surfaces.


The porcelain stoneware with a smooth surface, developed by Fincibec’s laboratories, acquires a mirror-like gloss, enhancing the colorations and veining of marble-inspired materials.


Resilient and versatile, the natural finish captures the original essence of the material, enhancing its aesthetic qualities, including colorations, veining, and textures.


The matt finish gives the porcelain stoneware a soft and satin-like appearance. Matt products exude a modern character, ideal for emphasizing lines and volumes in living spaces and creating intriguing interactions with architecture and interior design. Matt products are known for their high resistance and hygiene standards.

FORMATS AND THICKNESSES: 162×324 cm / 64″x128″ – 12 mm 160×320 cm / 63″x126″ – 12 mm


With OVER FINCIBEC, the possibilities for architectural and design creativity are expanded, thanks to the impressive sizes, remarkable finishes, and the reliable quality associated with Fincibec’s long-standing expertise. The large slabs offer a versatile canvas for transforming spaces, opening up new design opportunities, and pushing the boundaries of ceramic surfaces.

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