Italcer Group Expands Luxury Ceramic Business Through Acquisition of Opificio Ceramico

Graziano Verdi

“Italcer’s Vision for Opificio Ceramico”

In a significant move within the ceramic flooring, wall coverings, and bathroom furnishings industry, Italcer Group, a prominent Italian player, has continued its journey of expansion and influence. This development comes in the form of Italcer’s Spanish subsidiary, Equipe CerĂ micas SLU, acquiring a minority stake in Opificio Ceramico Srl. Opificio Ceramico, based in Modena, specializes in providing high-end luxury ceramic surfaces with a strong focus on artisanal craftsmanship and tailor-made products. This acquisition marks a crucial step for Italcer, as it envisions the creation of a hub for high-end Italian design, focusing on sustainability and artisanal excellence. Let’s explore the details of this acquisition, Italcer’s motivations behind it, and the potential it holds for the Italian and global ceramic markets.

“Italcer’s Latest Strategic Move”

This acquisition is the ninth in a series of strategic acquisitions completed by Italcer Group in just six years. This robust track record solidifies Italcer’s position as a leading entity in the ceramic industry. Key stakeholders in Italcer include Mindful Capital Partners, Miura, and Capital Dynamics, with leadership provided by Graziano Verdi. Opificio Ceramico now joins the ranks of Italcer’s acquisitions, standing alongside notable names such as La Fabbrica-AVA, Elios, Devon&Devon, Rondine, the Spanish company Equipe, and Fondovalle.

“Motivation and Vision Behind the Acquisition”

Graziano Verdi, the CEO of Italcer Group, underscores the harmony between Opificio Ceramico’s distinctive product offerings and Italcer’s commitment to sustainable production. This acquisition aligns with Italcer’s vision of establishing an Italian hub for high-end ceramic design. The goal is to create significant synergies, both domestically and internationally, through this strategic partnership.

“The Legal Advisors”

The successful execution of this acquisition was made possible through the diligent work of legal advisors. Equipe Ceramicas received legal counsel from Pinsent Masons, led by partner Francisco Aldavero Bernalte, while Opificio Ceramico was represented by the Salardi Law Firm of Modena, under the guidance of founder Stefano Salardi. In addition, Opificio Ceramico received support for fiscal aspects from Studio+Com.

“Italcer’s Dominance in the Ceramic Industry”

Italcer Group, a prominent industry player, boasts an impressive workforce of around 1,100 employees and serves a global clientele of 15,000 customers. With numerous successful projects under its belt, Italcer operates through a portfolio of high-end brands and historical industrial entities in the ceramic sector. These brands include Fondovalle, La Fabbrica-AVA, Elios Ceramica, Devon&Devon, Ceramica Rondine, Bottega, and Equipe CerĂ¡micas.

Italcer’s acquisition of Opificio Ceramico represents a significant milestone in the group’s journey of expanding its presence in the high-end ceramic market while emphasizing sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship. With a projected turnover of approximately 400 million euros for 2023, Italcer Group continues to assert its leadership in the ceramic industry, both in Italy and globally. The creation of a high-end Italian design hub, as envisioned by Graziano Verdi, exemplifies the group’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the ceramic field. The collaborative potential between Italcer and Opificio Ceramico holds immense promise, ensuring a bright future for both companies in the realm of luxury ceramic surfaces.

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