Italcer’s Strategic Acquisition of Terratinta Group: A Step Towards a €400 Million Revenue

by | Jul 24, 2023 | News

Italcer’s Strategic Acquisition of Terratinta Group: A Step Towards a €400 Million Revenue

Italcer, a leading Italian group in the ceramic flooring and bathroom furnishing sector, has recently announced its acquisition of Terratinta Group. Specializing in high-end surface furnishings, Terratinta Group is based in Fiorano Modenese, at the heart of the ceramic district. This acquisition marks a significant step in Italcer’s strategic expansion.

The Acquisition

The acquisition process was initiated with a letter of intent, outlining Italcer’s plan to acquire 100% of Terratinta. As part of the agreement, Luca Migliorini, CEO and shareholder of Terratinta, will reinvest a portion of the sale proceeds in Italcer shares, becoming a shareholder alongside Graziano Verdi, the CEO and founder of Italcer. The acquisition is expected to be completed immediately after the summer, following due diligence and the finalization of the purchase contract.

Impact on Italcer’s Position in the Ceramic Sector

With the completion of this acquisition, Italcer is set to reaffirm its position as one of the leaders in the ceramic sector, both in Italy and globally. The group’s revenue projection for 2023 is nearing a staggering €400 million. This acquisition of Terratinta Group is the eighth operation carried out by Italcer in the last six years, demonstrating the group’s aggressive growth strategy.

Expansion of Italcer’s Collection

The acquisition of Terratinta will significantly enrich Italcer’s collections. The group will be able to count on four additional brands – Terratinta Ceramiche, Ceramica Magica, Sartoria, and Micro – capable of covering all levels of high-end offerings. In line with sustainability, Terratinta recently obtained the prestigious ‘B Corp Certification’, further enhancing the value of Italcer’s expanded collection.

The strategic acquisition of Terratinta Group by Italcer marks a significant milestone in the ceramic sector. With this move, Italcer not only expands its high-end collection but also strengthens its position in the global market. As the group projects a revenue close to €400 million by 2023, the future looks promising for Italcer. This acquisition serves as a testament to Italcer’s commitment to growth, quality, and sustainability in the ceramic sector.

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