Italian Ceramics to Shine at Keramiko 2024

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Italian ceramic excellence will take center stage at Keramiko 2024, the biennial exhibition serving as a meeting point for professionals in the Austrian construction and ceramic industries. Now in its 4th edition, the event will be held at the exhibition center in Wels from January 17th to 19th. This year, Keramiko coincides with KOK, the Austrian fair for stoves and masonry fireplaces, showcasing the versatility of ceramics in various applications.

Sponsored by Ceramics of Italy, the event is organized by the Österreichische Fliesenverband, the Austrian association of tilers and distributors, continuing a fruitful cooperation aimed at promoting Italian tiles.

Keramiko will feature a program of seminars and conferences addressing key topics of interest to the Austrian construction industry. Ceramics of Italy will participate as a speaker, presenting insights into the sustainability of Italian ceramics during an afternoon session on the first day of the fair.

In 2023, Italian ceramic exports to Austria reached 10 million square meters, valued at approximately €150 million. The Austrian market accounts for 4% of the sector’s total exports and 6% of exports within the European Union.

Title: Italian Ceramics Highlighted at Keramiko 2024
Meta Description: Explore the presence of Italian ceramics at Keramiko 2024, the premier biennial exhibition for the Austrian construction and ceramic industries, showcasing sustainability and innovation in Italian tile production.

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