Laminam Acquires Best Surface: A Game-Changer for Interior Design and Architecture

Laminam Barbieri Tarozzi

Laminam, the global leader in the production and commercialization of large-format ceramic slabs for high-end architecture and interior design, has recently signed an agreement to acquire 100% of Best Surface. This move marks a significant development for Laminam as it expands its global reach and continues its growth journey of quality and sustainability.

Best Surface, which was founded by the Barbieri & Tarozzi Group in 2018, produces and distributes large-format ceramic slabs under the brand Idylium. The company is also the exclusive licensee of the Automobili Lamborghini Surfaces brand. Located in the heart of the Spanish ceramic district of Castellón de la Plana, the production plant is equipped with SUPERA® technology developed by the SITI B&T Group, reaching a solid competitive position in the market with high-quality production and design, reaching a turnover of around 20 million euros.

The acquisition of Best Surface is a strategic move for Laminam as it strengthens its presence in the Spanish market and accelerates the process of expansion and internationalization. The acquisition will complement Laminam’s production sites in Fiorano Modenese, Borgo Val di Taro, and Vorsino (Russia) as it established its first manufacturing machinery in Spain. This is a massive step for Laminam as Spain is one of the main global markets for ceramic tiles.

This acquisition reflects Laminam’s commitment to quality and sustainability, as its growth journey continues with investments of over 50 million euros in expanding the production capacity of its existing facilities. Furthermore, the partnership between Laminam and the Barbieri & Tarozzi Group has become even stronger due to this latest acquisition.

Laminam’s move is part of the company’s plan to increase its global market share and strengthened its product line. The company plans to continue to invest in innovation, sustainability, and new product development to remain at the forefront of the market.

The acquisition of Best Surface by Laminam is a significant development for the global market leader in large-format ceramic slabs. This move will enable Laminam to leverage Best Surface’s strong presence in the Spanish market and expand its global reach. As Laminam continues to grow its business, its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation remains a top priority. This latest investment only strengthens its position as a global leader in the industry.

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