Let me tell you a story about two friends and their passion

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The story I will share with you today revolves around two characters, both of whom have a deep sense of respect for their village, culture and history. They are fascinated by their community’s rich and diverse past and are passionate about preserving and celebrating its heritage.

It all started with a challenge posed by architect Andrea Bernagozzi to Giorgio Buratti, a marketing expert and materials expert. The use of large-format Kerlite stoneware as decoration. And not just any decoration, but personalised decoration, according to the decoration design on several tiles. It’s 2015 and no one has ever treated large-format stoneware in this way before, because creating a print on a ready-made, non-absorbent tile was not going to work. Hot technology was also out, as so far companies testing this type of solution had encountered many problems, from discolouration to mechanical damage due to heat.
Kerlite is a laminated porcelain stoneware obtained through an extremely innovative production system, the result of state-of-the-art, high-performance technology. It is produced in whole 300×100 cm slabs without the use of moulds. This was the start of a long process of studying the product, but also an opportunity to make a choice: the decoration will be entirely handmade.
Kerlite will be joined by other wall coverings, different types of wallpaper, but all supporting the same choice, top quality and respect for nature and the environment, i.e. ecological. Today, many companies are converting their production lines to become more environmentally friendly. From the very beginning, Officinarkitettura aimed to be an eco-friendly company, so all technological processes were created with nature, nature and the environment in mind.
In eight years of operation, Officinarkitettura has grown tremendously, creating twenty-one collections, as well as unique and internationally award-winning products.
They use in-house designers and external collaborations with artists, designers, photographers in the creation of their products. Luca Artioli, Roberto Miniati, Marco Battaglini, Martina Scaramucci can be singled out. Simona Muzzi, Luca Argentino, Valeria Sajeva and many other talented artists.
In 2020 Officinarkitettura meets Simone Guidarelli which takes the brand to an even higher level.
Simone Guidarelli is a visionary, a multifaceted artist. All beautiful, colourful and full of love. He is an art director, image consultant and stylist, having branded more than seventy covers for Vanity Fair or Glamour Italia. He can read through bodies and interpret the desires of big names in photography, such as David Bailey, Patrick Demarchelier, Giovanni Gastel and Douglas Kirkland. A tailor with a lush imagination: he sews his own dimension of reality with exceptional boldness, able to dare and break the mould with lightness and irony. It is this meeting of Officinarkitettura and Simone Guidarelli that has created new luxurious and award-winning collections.

Events like Fuorisalone in Milan always attract thousands of visitors. It can be said to be a unique event, covered and talked about by well-known press titles.
The year 2023 marks a change in the life of Officinarklitettura, the company is growing and expanding which has led to the opening of the new company headquarters.
The new Officinarklitettura® headquarters is decorated with the flag of the Italian Touring Club: the Palazzo Savioli in Pieve di Cento. Inside, a new space dedicated to experiences from the world of art, design and fashion in an engaging atmosphere. The building, chosen by the founders as the new headquarters of Officinarkitettura®, overlooks Piazza dei Liutai, which is also the subject of an upcoming redevelopment on the site of the former Jewish ghetto in the village.
The renovation work was completed a few days ago. Inside, there is an engaging atmosphere thanks to the lighting design by Anima Progetti for Davide Groppi. The Officinarkitettura experience was created as a space dedicated to experiences from the world of art, design and fashion, with the aim of creating contamination and new ideas.


Aesthetic research and attention to detail are the values guiding the team of designers, architects, photographers, artists and illustrators. Today, Officinarkitettura is a renowned luxury brand that takes care of wall finishes with all kinds of materials. TNT vinyl wallpaper, fully ecological Eco Paper, sound absorbing or moisture resistant. We are not forgetting the large-format Kerlite stoneware, which is a permanent fixture in the Officinarkitettura catalogue. All designs are created by amazing artists by hand and applied to the surface in question using the latest technology. It is amazing how from one challenge between friends a company has been created that surprises with new designs and technical solutions year after year. What else will this young Italian company surprise us with?
One thing is certain, Andrea and Giorgio, still have a lot to show the world.

You have to look into them: Officinarkitettura®

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