Myrto Restaurant in Porto Cervo: A Tribute to the Essence of Costa Smeralda

Myrto Restaurant 07

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Myrto Restaurant stands as a testament to the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Designed by the renowned studio wok, the establishment’s restyling project has transformed it into an architectural gem that captures the essence of the area and invites guests to embark on a sensory journey through the Mediterranean.

The Inspiration:
The Costa Smeralda, with its granite rocks sculpted by the wind, lush Mediterranean scrub, and crystal-clear waters, serves as the perfect muse for the Myrto Restaurant’s design. The goal of the project was to pay tribute to the region’s unique and captivating characteristics through architecture that tells a story and evokes an emotional response.

The Interior:
The interior of the restaurant draws inspiration from the curving materiality of the area’s granite formations, warmed by sunlight and sea reflections. Earth tones and sinuous shapes combine to create an intimate and homely atmosphere, reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean caves.

The Patio:
Myrto’s outdoor patio has been transformed into an immersive interior space that resembles an underwater cave. A lightweight roof allows sunlight to filter through while reacting to the wind and providing a glimpse of the sky above. This enchanting setting serves as the perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy their dining experience.

The Furnishings:
The furniture and materials used in the restaurant have been carefully chosen and designed specifically for this project. Colored furnishings and volumes play in contrast to the abstract, curving spaces, creating a palette of greens that echo the hues of the surrounding landscape.

The Experience:
Myrto Restaurant has been a prominent presence at the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo for nine years, offering visitors an innovative approach to dining that is both surprising and intimately connected to the local area. The concept of gourmet pizza and haute cuisine interacting in a synergistic, intriguing, and unique way adds to the allure of this exceptional establishment.

The Myrto Restaurant in Porto Cervo is not just a dining destination, but an architectural tribute to the essence of the Costa Smeralda. Its design captures the beauty and spirit of the region, providing guests with an unforgettable experience that engages all their senses.

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