Novamobili Presents New Configurable Wall 30 Shelf: The Perfect Solution for Modern Living

Wall30 04

Shelves are not just for organizing files, but they also serve as tools for cataloging our ideas and thoughts that accompany us throughout our lives.

That is why the design of shelves is so essential. The Wall 30 shelf from the Italian brand Novamobili is an example of a piece of furniture that meets the requirements of modern living, providing versatility and an elegant look.

The Wall 30 is a modular shelf whose elements allow for customization based on the user’s individual needs. It can be placed against a wall or in the middle of a room, and the shelves of different depths and heights allow for adaptation to any space. The shelf can have up to 290 cm in height, and the availability of different materials and finishes make the Wall 30 easy to match with other decor elements.

The available finishes include oak veneers in six different shades, including a modern white, perfect for minimalist interior designs. Additionally, the shelf can be equipped with glass shelves with a metal frame that can be illuminated with LED lighting. Drawers and doors are available in various finishes, allowing the shelf to be matched with other decor elements.

The Wall 30 shelf is easy to manage with the Novamobili Smart Lighting system, which uses Bluetooth and WiFi technology to provide easy control via remote or through a smartphone app. This system also enables the illumination of individual modules, including drawers, allowing for easy search for books or items that we want to store on the shelves.

The Wall 30 shelf is an example of a piece of furniture that not only looks good but also performs its function perfectly. Its modularity and versatility make it easy to adapt to individual needs, and the Novamobili Smart Lighting system provides easy management. This piece of furniture can serve for many years and be an excellent place to store our dreams.

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