Officinarkitettura® Unveils New Headquarters in 18th Century Building at Palazzo Savioli, Pieve di Cento

Officinarkitettura 03

Officinarkitettura®, an innovative Italian wallpaper and surface materials company, has recently opened its new headquarters in the historic Palazzo Savioli in the picturesque town of Pieve di Cento, Bologna. The revamped building also hosts an experiential space dedicated to art, design, and fashion.

The newly renovated headquarters of Officinarkitettura® is located within Palazzo Savioli, which overlooks the Piazza dei Liutai in the heart of Pieve di Cento. The building’s restoration was completed just days ago, and its interior now boasts an engaging atmosphere, thanks to the lighting design by Anima Progetti for Davide Groppi.

Officinarkitettura Experience is a dedicated space within the building that aims to foster creative collaborations and new ideas in the fields of art, design, and fashion. Founded by Giorgio Buratti and Andrea Bernagozzi, Officinarkitettura® is a young brand that designs and manufactures eco-friendly wallpaper and surface materials made from fiberglass and Kerlite.

A team of designers, architects, photographers, artists, and illustrators work together to create aesthetically pleasing and detail-oriented products. Pieve di Cento, a small town in the province of Bologna, is where the professional paths of architect Andrea Bernagozzi and marketing expert Giorgio Buratti first crossed, leading to the establishment of Officinarkitettura in 2015.

The company’s journey began when Andrea challenged Giorgio to decorate some Kerlite slabs for a client, something that had never been done before. Kerlite is a lightweight ceramic material that does not tolerate high-temperature color applications, so cold painting techniques were employed. From this starting point, the team developed a range of artisanal, handmade decorations and high-quality, eco-friendly wall coverings.

Over the past eight years, Officinarkitettura has grown significantly, producing 21 collections in collaboration with both in-house designers and external artists. The company’s products feature a wide variety of subjects, reflecting the founders’ passion for art and design.

Pieve di Cento not only hosts the brand’s headquarters but also serves as a laboratory and showroom, with many of the town’s businesses showcasing Officinarkitettura’s creations. The decision to remain in Pieve di Cento and develop it as a production hub has led to a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the community, with each entity flourishing alongside the other.

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