Pepsi Zero Arrives in Italy: GCDS and Pepsi Launch Limited Edition Can


Giuliano Calza Design Studio (GCDS) has collaborated with Pepsi to introduce Pepsi Zero in Italy, unveiling a new limited edition mini can designed by the renowned brand. The launch will be accompanied by a captivating campaign featuring an advertisement filmed in Los Angeles, starring Sfera Ebbasta and the Morelli Brothers.

Pepsi and GCDS have joined forces to create the new limited edition mini can, designed by Giuliano Calza Design Studio. The exclusive can will be available at select Pop-Up stores in several Italian cities throughout the month of June. The collaboration’s message revolves around the question, “What’s your Moment Zero?” This theme is conveyed through real success stories within the GCDSxPepsi campaign, encouraging individuals to never give up on their dreams and believe in the power of their Moment Zero – that pivotal moment when something can change everything.

As part of this creative project, a dedicated capsule collection will be launched, featuring prominent figures such as Sfera Ebbasta, Veneda Carter, and Dita Von Teese. They will showcase pieces from the new collection, including a unique range of limited edition items: a leather biker jacket, bite-heeled boots and sandals, a heart-shaped bag, a bowling shirt, a cap, and the brand’s iconic socks. The capsule collection will be available for purchase starting from Wednesday, June 7th, on the gcds.com website and in all GCDS stores throughout Italy.

“We will invest in Pepsi Zero in the Italian market. Pepsi has always had an innate drive for innovation, and for a strategic launch like Pepsi Zero in Italy, we chose to partner with GCDS, a leading brand in new luxury Made in Italy. Together, we aim to create a relevant campaign that will unfold nationwide throughout 2023. The collaboration between the two brands perfectly merges their respective values, with a particular focus on Pepsi Zero, which undoubtedly is one of our hero products and a key player in the carbonated beverage market. For PepsiCo, the launch of Pepsi Zero in Italy represents a true Moment Zero. We want to make it clear to consumers that Pepsi Zero is the sugar-free version of Pepsi, and this is the product we will continue to invest in prospectively and consistently in the Italian market,” commented Marcello Pincelli, CEO of PepsiCo Italy.

The Concept Behind the New Ad Campaign “I have always believed that success belongs to those who refuse to give up and pursue their dreams by facing their fears and daily challenges. It is through unwavering determination, resilience, and constant commitment to work that we transform distant aspirations into extraordinary results. Embrace the journey, persevere, and let the power of your dreams pave the way to extraordinary success, always starting from a Moment Zero. This has been my inspiration for the GCDSxPepsi campaign: telling real stories of individuals who showcase their Moment Zero before achieving personal success through passion and dedication,” stated Giuliano Calza, Creative Director of GCDS.

The collaboration between Pepsi and GCDS represents a fusion of creativity, artistry, and innovation, aiming to inspire individuals to embrace their own Moment Zero and pursue their dreams relentlessly. The limited edition mini can and the accompanying capsule collection provide a unique opportunity for consumers to engage with the partnership between these two iconic brands and celebrate the spirit of achievement and perseverance.

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