Rediscovering the Senses and Shared Memories with Crogiolo: The Anthem to Imperfection

Marazzi Ceramiche 05

Embracing Hand-Crafted Aesthetics and Tradition

In a world driven by mass production and uniformity, the Crogiolo collection by Marazzi offers a refreshing departure. With a many-faceted identity, Crogiolo captures the essence of flawed beauty and the rich tradition of hand-craftsmanship. These small-size ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles not only redefine the boundaries of industrial processes but also rekindle our connection to materials shaped by human hands.

The Multifaceted Crogiolo Collection

Crogiolo presents a wide array of nine distinct collections, each with its own unique character and appeal. From the ultra-glossy allure of Lume to the three-dimensional magic of Memoria and the delightful decors of Rice, this collection transports us to a realm where imperfection reigns supreme.

The Enchanting World of Crogiolo

  1. Lume: The Classic Icon Lume, with its deep, glossy shade variations and irregularity, has become a classic within the Crogiolo collection. Perfect for interior design, this collection offers 6×24 cm tiles in 12 captivating colors. Lume effortlessly adds depth and iridescence to floors, equipped walls, kitchen compositions, partitions, and bathrooms.
  2. Memoria: A Three-Dimensional Sensation Memoria enthralls with its semi-matt, three-dimensional surfaces, inviting touch and exploration. This collection combines functionality and visual appeal, offering endless creative possibilities for both residential and contract projects.
  3. Rice: Where Shine Meets Craftsmanship Rice captivates with its shimmering surfaces, intricate 3D effects, and captivating decors. Available in rectangular and square sizes, it allows for seamless combinations and alternations to achieve visually stunning walls and tactile accents.
  4. Zellige: The Charm of Square Tiles With its square-sized tiles, Zellige embraces a Mediterranean majolica look, invoking a sense of nostalgia and heritage. These tiles are perfect for infusing a touch of old-world charm into modern spaces.
  5. Scenario: A Journey Through the Mediterranean Scenario celebrates the allure of Mediterranean majolica, enchanting with its vibrant patterns and colors. Transport yourself to sun-drenched shores with this collection, reminiscent of traditional ceramic craftsmanship.
  6. D_Segni: Geometry and Floral Delights D_Segni offers a range of geometrical and floral cement tiles that capture the essence of vintage elegance. The collection includes three variations: Blend, Scaglie, and Colore, each boasting its own unique patterns and possibilities.

The Latest Addition: Confetto

Introducing the newest member of the Crogiolo collection: Confetto. What sets Confetto apart is its semi-matt surface, reminiscent of sugared almonds. Available in 12 warm and cool colors and two modular sizes (5×15 cm and 10×10 cm), Confetto offers endless design options.

With the addition of Savoiardo, a three-dimensional structure inspired by the historic Canne d’Organo collection, Confetto embraces an uneven surface that plays with light and shadow, further enhancing its hand-made appeal.

Confetto’s velvety warmth and creative potential make it an ideal choice for any room in your home, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Additionally, it shines in contract projects, whether covering large areas or accentuating architectural features.

A Return to the Senses and Materials

Crogiolo’s diverse collections evoke a reconnection with our senses and materials shaped by human hands. By seamlessly blending manufacturing traditions with modern design, these tiles unleash creativity beyond the confines of styles and periods. Whether used individually or in combination, Crogiolo brings vibrant life to any space, creating an environment that celebrates authenticity and evokes shared memories.

In a world where perfection often dominates, Crogiolo stands as an anthem to imperfection, reminding us of the beauty that lies within flaws and the authenticity of hand-crafted creations. With its rich aesthetics and homage to tradition, the Crogiolo collection by Marazzi allows us to rediscover the senses and immerse ourselves in a world where craftsmanship and imperfection reign supreme.


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