Remembering Giuliano Mussini: Pioneer of Ceramics and Founder of Panariagroup

Panariagroup Mussini

Modena mourns the loss of a visionary leader as Giuliano Mussini, founder of Panariagroup, passes away at the age of 93. A trailblazer in the ceramics industry, Mussini established Panariagroup in 1974, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship that has shaped the global landscape of ceramic surfaces.

A Lifetime of Achievement

Giuliano Mussini’s contributions to the ceramics industry were celebrated just a year ago when he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by ACIMAC during Tecna, formerly known as Tecnargilla. His dedication and foresight have left an indelible mark on the sector, inspiring generations of ceramicists and entrepreneurs.

A Fond Farewell

The announcement of Mussini’s passing was made by his wife, Gemma, and children Paolo, Silvia, Emilio, and Marco. Funeral services will be held on Monday, starting at 2:30 p.m. from the funeral home at the Sassuolo Hospital, proceeding to the Ponte Nuovo church for the funeral liturgy at 3:00 p.m.

Tributes Pour In

Condolences pour in from across the region, with Sassuolo Mayor Gian Francesco Menani remembering Mussini as “an extraordinary person,” while Fiorano Mayor Francesco Tosi praises him for harmonizing family love with entrepreneurial endeavors.

Legacy of Panariagroup

Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche, founded by Mussini in 1974, stands as a testament to his vision and leadership. Today, the company is a global leader in the production and distribution of ceramic surfaces for flooring and cladding. With over 1,700 employees, serving more than 10,000 professional clients, and operating seven production facilities worldwide (including Italy, Portugal, Germany, and the United States), Panariagroup continues to uphold Mussini’s legacy of excellence.

Honoring a Titan

In October of last year, during Tecna, Mussini was awarded the Special Career Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the ceramics industry.

Title: Remembering Giuliano Mussini: Pioneer of Ceramics and Founder of Panariagroup
Meta Description: Modena bids farewell to Giuliano Mussini, founder of Panariagroup and pioneer of the ceramics industry. Discover his legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship in this tribute.

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