Shower G, Gessi’s proposal.


Shower G, Gessi’s proposal. Gessi proves that beauty lies in the details.

In the world of interior design, every little detail counts. And when it comes to bathroom design, even the smallest element can make a big difference. That’s why Gessi, a company renowned for its unparalleled know-how and flawless execution, has introduced a new texture called “woven metal” to its Shower G collection.

The “woven metal” texture has been used to decorate handles, hinges, clasps, and channels. All of these elements come in different sizes and configurations, allowing for customization to fit any shower cabin. The smooth and brushed finishes, as well as the diamond and stripe textures, give each element an elegant character.

All of the elements, including the mechanical functions, have been developed by Gessi themselves, resulting in a complete and coherent system. The collection is complemented by technical accessories and additions that are compatible with all types of shower cabins.

In the Shower G collection, you will also find elongated linear drains that are decorated with textures and finishes. These drains are available in four different lengths, allowing for customization to fit any bathroom. And two new limited edition Flush Plates are not just functional systems but true designer interior design objects.

Flush Plates are available in all standard finishes, allowing for a versatile interpretation of the bathroom. The range includes polished chrome, brushed steel, matte black, antique brass, aged bronze, dark bronze, copper, black metal, brass, and bronze, both polished and brushed, as well as 24-karat gold.

Gessi is a true “couturier,” always able to create new concepts and innovative solutions. Their products allow you to transform your bathroom into a real lifestyle statement, with a total look created for daily pleasure that goes beyond self-care. Thanks to their unparalleled know-how and flawless execution, your bathroom can become a true work of art.

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