Spectrum by Altherr Désile Park: Embrace the Fluidity of Design


As a design enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for innovative and adaptable furniture pieces that can transform a space. When it comes to sofas, Spectrum by Altherr Désile Park caught my attention. This exceptional sofa system goes beyond the ordinary, offering a range of expressive components that adapt to the fluidity of our environments. Join me as we explore the captivating world of Spectrum and unravel its unique features and the concept behind its name.

Unveiling the Design

At its core, Spectrum is not just a sofa; it is a design system that revolves around essential elements such as the seat, backrest, and cushions. It embraces a combination of simplicity and complexity, just like a perfect white shirt that serves as a timeless foundation. What sets Spectrum apart are the meticulously crafted design details such as stitches and colors, elevating it to a whole new level. It’s like dressing up or dressing down a base that effortlessly allows for easy configuration.

Expressive Components

Spectrum offers a variety of expressive components that enhance its versatility. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Armrests: There are three variations of armrests, each sharing the same volume but with distinct characteristics:
    • The rational armrest features a gently sculpted rectangular shape.
    • The geometrically expressive armrest is highlighted by diagonal stitches, adding a touch of dynamism.
    • The softly inviting armrest contrasts with a tensile stitch detail, reminiscent of architectural fashion.
  • Leg Options: Spectrum provides three leg options to further customize your sofa system:
    • The slim and precise metal structure lends a contemporary and sleek look.
    • The richly organic wooden leg adds warmth and a mid-century Scandinavian vibe.
    • The soft neutral leg seamlessly blends into any environment, making it a versatile choice.

A Collection for Every Space

The Spectrum collection is designed to adapt to diverse spaces and cater to the fluidity of our time. Here are some examples of where you can envision this versatile collection:

  • Scandinavian Mid-Century Home: With a wood base, a leather finish, and the armrest cushion, Spectrum blends effortlessly into a cozy mid-century home, adding a touch of elegance and comfort.
  • Contemporary Office or Hotel: Opt for an orange color palette, pair it with the thin metal base, and choose the geometrically expressive armrest. The result? A standout piece that becomes the focal point of a modern office or hotel space.
  • Timeless Interior: Embrace the simplicity of a color block concept with the soft armrest and recessed base in a monocolor scheme. This configuration creates a timeless interior that exudes sophistication and style.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The name “Spectrum” holds a deep significance, reflecting the complexity of our modern world. It signifies a shift from binary thinking to embracing a spectrum of possibilities. Just as we now have a multitude of political parties, energy sources, and gender identities, Spectrum represents the idea that we are all a sum of multiple identities and personalities. This sofa system embodies the concept of diversity and choice, allowing us to create our unique combinations rather than relying on a single iconic piece.

Spectrum by Altherr Désile Park captures the essence of adaptability and fluidity in design. With its expressive components, versatile configurations, and thoughtful concept, it offers a unique and personalized approach to sofa systems. Embrace the freedom to create and transform your space withSpectrum, and let your imagination explore the endless possibilities of design.


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