The City Collection by Casalgrande Padana: Modern Appeal in Porcelain Stoneware Coverings

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Welcome back, interior design enthusiasts! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to The City Collection, a stunning line of porcelain stoneware tiles that exude a modern charm. Created in collaboration between the renowned architectural firm KPF and the Milan-based SBGA Architecture Studio, this collection embodies the perfect fusion of cutting-edge production techniques and contemporary design.

The design team at KPF embraced the idea of developing a collection that would utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to create a modern expression of materiality. Their goal was to achieve the aesthetic qualities and diverse textures found in natural materials while harnessing the desirable technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware.


The City Collection by KPF is the result of a collaboration with Casalgrande Padana, aimed at breathing life into a new range of interior tiles made of porcelain stoneware. The collection sets out to establish a fresh material expression, presenting an authentic version of the modern ceramic production process. This material boasts the technical resilience and durability of ceramics while encompassing the aesthetic qualities and variations reminiscent of natural stone.

The City Hong Kong, New York, London, Shanghai
The City Hong Kong, New York, London, Shanghai

Inspired by four metropolises with which KPF has established long-standing relationships, having worked on numerous buildings and districts over the years, The City Collection offers four distinct textures: Hong Kong, London, New York, and Shanghai. Available in a 60×120 cm format with a thickness of 9 mm and a natural surface finish, these tiles are suitable for a wide range of interior applications.

The City Collection was conceived with the intent to capture the subjective experience of each city, incorporating elements that reflect their character, materials, urban forms, and textures. The patterns and textures emerged from an in-depth exploration of the essence of each city, on multiple levels, followed by a process of simplification and abstraction to achieve surfaces reminiscent of natural materials. From a distance, they appear as finely textured surfaces, displaying subtle variations in texture and color. Upon closer inspection, however, one can discern the geometric patterns that served as inspiration.

KPF enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to develop a collection that harnesses cutting-edge production techniques, resulting in a contemporary material expression that authentically represents the manufacturing process. The designers aimed to attain the aesthetic qualities of natural materials while incorporating the desirable characteristics of human-made ceramics. This range of tiles serves as a versatile alternative to stone or concrete, offering a visually striking and durable option for interior design projects.

Whether you’re seeking to infuse your space with the vibrant energy of Hong Kong, the timeless elegance of London, the dynamic spirit of New York, or the captivating allure of Shanghai, The City Collection is sure to elevate your interior design to new heights. Embrace the modern appeal of porcelain stoneware and embark on a design journey that captures the essence of these fantastic cities.

Source: www.casalgrandepadana.it

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