Unprecedented Incident at Ceramiche Caesar’s Stand during Cersaie 2023


On the occasion of Cersaie 2023, the renowned Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Ceramiche Caesar caused a stir by denying me access to their booth. As a journalist accredited by the organizer, this incident left me questioning the norms of media coverage at such prestigious trade shows.

In the age of social media, presenting products to the world seems like a normal thing to do; indeed, this is how you create interest in your own product or service. However, the situation at Ceramiche Caesar’s booth was unprecedented for me, and the contrast with the welcoming atmosphere among the other exhibitors made it all the more disconcerting. The footage captured during the incident clearly shows the affable staff reviewing press invitations and then abruptly banning any recording or photography. This unusual behavior by a company raises questions about the motivations behind such a decision.

Traditionally, trade shows such as Cersaie offer a chance to see new things, talk to designers, and engage with company managers, providing them with a platform to present their own products.

We regret that we could not visit the Caesar Ceramiche booth. Perhaps our Italian editor can arrange a visit to the factory in Italy? Such an initiative would not only clarify the recent incident but also strengthen the relationship with the media.

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